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Wine not Whine


I am not a wine connoisseur but I know what I like. Wine is a drink that you either love or detest. Everyone has different taste when it comes to wine and an opinion as to what is best. My advice is drink what you like but do not be afraid to try new ones too. I prefer sweet fruity white wines that I can sip on while sitting with friends. For meals, I like something a little crisper with some sweetness. I am always open to trying new wines especially if they are white in variety.

This past year a friend introduced me to Moscato wines. From pear and apple, to orange and lime and apricot and peach they are light body and sweet and often a little fizzy. They are available in white and pink varieties. A few of my favourite are Yellow Tail, Barefoot and Two Oceans.

Wine kits are another source of wines to enjoy and we usually make a few batches a year to enjoy. Earlier this year we made a white cranberry Pinot Gris and green apple Riesling. Both are light tasting and slightly crisp with fruity undertones – great for sipping or with a meal. For this coming Christmas season, we decided to try a Moscato. A limited edition pink Moscato was available so we took a chance. It has flavours of fresh strawberry, raspberry and cherry. Freshly bottled it was very promising and very easy to drink. In a few weeks, it should be excellent chilled.

The Moscato will be perfect for our annual writers retreat. It makes the nights more interesting and sometimes inspiration hits after a few glass.


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