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Mother, wife, prolific reader, author. Member of RWAC & RWA.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” ¬†Richard Bach



Deanne loves losing herself between the pages of a good book and letting her imagination run free. She has always gravitated towards fiction and in particular the romance genre. With all the negativity in the world and in the news, escaping into a world where obstacles are overcome and happily ever after prevails provides a respite from daily life.

Deanne can’t remember a time when she didn’t read. At an early age she yearned to write and recalls having her first submission, a poem, published in elementary school in Highlight magazine. Always imaginative, she recalls rounding up the neighbourhood kids for her backyard school. In high school she worked on the provincial high school paper. English was always her favourite subject as she was allowed creative license to put her own thoughts to paper rather than regurgitating facts.

The great irony being that her career path lead to one where facts generally rule – law. The twist being the many ways one can turn black and white into many shades of grey. That has been the challenge in the day job for over twenty years.

To feed her creative streak and emerging thirst for something her own she has embarked on a new chapter in her life to follow her dream of being a romance author. The last year has been one of self discovery and learning. Putting words and ideas to paper and morphing those same words into a book is not as easily done as having those same ideas filter through your imagination.

She is working on her first publication and it is going much slower than she had thought it would as she learns more about the craft everyday – her strengths and weaknesses. It is a very personal and intimate endeavour to share the musing of your imagination with others always being aware that the road being travelled is riddled with rejection before success is achieved.

In the end, it is Deanne’s hope that once her stories are completed she can bring her readers the same joy she has experienced over the years from between the pages of a good book, providing a little respite from daily life.

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