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I am working on my first group of paranormal romance books. It’s an initial series of three novellas. Each is a complete story.  Book one is moving along and I am jumping into book two as I go along.


Book 1 – Scentual Disaster – Acadian Loup Garous

Small town in the valley settled by Acadians – who just happen to be loup garous.  Jenny is a human that returns to the town where she spent many a summer vacation as a kid for the first time in over ten years to care for her Aunt – her only living relative – and the fun begins. It’s got suspense, humor and spice.

Scentual Disaster - Book 1

Scentual Disaster – Book 1

Cover created by amycovers on Fiverr.


Book 2 – Collared by a Garter – Acadian Loup Garous

A maid of honor who acts like bridezilla is in town for Jenny’s wedding.  Let the fur fly.

Collared by a Garter

Collared by a Garter – Book 2



Book 3 – Fur and Stilettos – Acadian Loup Garous

A wedding guest stuck in the country who is more comfortable strutting down city streets in her stilettos than scampering through the woods.

Fur & Stilettos

Fur and Stilettos – Book 3



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