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Learning to blog

What to write? That is the perplexing question. Random thoughts, gentle musings, or well thought out prose. I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I’m still trying to find my voice. What to share. What not to share? When is it TMI?  How much of myself do I want to reveal? Thoughts, feelings, opinions, observations? I’m still pondering. . .

Social Media and Housework


I’m slowing getting a handle on the social media. Facebook, Twitter, blogging and webpages. Trying to schedule it in amongst the available hours to write when working full-time and other family obligations isn’t easy. I’m making progress though. After many years of waffling, I finally have someone who comes to the house once a week and takes care of those mundane household chores that I dread and avoid as long as I can till it has to be done or else. It has left me with some time I wouldn’t otherwise have.

She is a good friend and I consider her a domestic goddess. She enjoys cleaning and finds it stress reducing. I let her do her thing. My house has never been cleaner. The fridge gets cleaned out and wiped down once a week, all the linens get done, the oven gets cleaned, and the dusting is under control. The kitchen and bathrooms have never been cleaner. My linen closet is neat and tidy and everything fits in – I have never accomplished that. I know it is in the way she folds things but I just don’t have patience.

I’m no longer stressed out and overwhelmed by the household chores when I get home. It may seem like a small thing but to me, it’s a major relief. Thank you to my domestic goddess for lightening my load and giving me the time to do things that reduce my stress.

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