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Wine not Whine


I am not a wine connoisseur but I know what I like. Wine is a drink that you either love or detest. Everyone has different taste when it comes to wine and an opinion as to what is best. My advice is drink what you like but do not be afraid to try new ones too. I prefer sweet fruity white wines that I can sip on while sitting with friends. For meals, I like something a little crisper with some sweetness. I am always open to trying new wines especially if they are white in variety.


Social Media Presence

One of the more difficult things about being an indie writer is self-promoting. It requires one to maintain a visible presence in social media – website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and the list goes on.  Learning how to use all of these effectively is a challenge as they all change frequently.  As a self-publisher hiring someone to administer is not an option.

In a perfect world an email would go out as updates occur in social media listing the changes with a “How to Guide”. Unfortunately, that rarely happens so we are often left floundering our way around the new changes.  So today I am spending my time maneuvering around WordPress & Facebook doing some updates and reorganize some pages. Nothing major but it’s a time-consuming task when one is searching for functions and tweaking and hoping you don’t do an “oops” in the interim.

Hopefully, I don’t break anything. 🙂

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