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Stutters, Stops and Starts

The last few months have been stutters, stops and starts where my writing is concerned. It’s been frustrating. I’d think I was moving forward only take two steps back. The story was floundering and getting into the flow was a struggle.

I’m back. The words are coming to me and the story is evolving. It is going in the direction I want to go. The scenes are coming together and the plot is where I want it to be.

Through a friend I came across some really helpful learning resources that have helped me refocus and find my way. I learn from all the resources I review, some more than others. These broke things down for me in way that I had not seen before and cleared some of my confusion. I’d gotten stuck in the do’s and don’ts. Mired in structures that we not working for me and turning everything into a maze.  I’m finding my way out of that maze slowly.

Still a lot of work to do but the end is closer. I’m past the midpoint now and the end seems achievable.

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